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Jan Doyle

I am an author who, despite being extremely nervous, finally decided to publish my book at the age of 72. The thought ‘now or never’ was the decisive factor after investing so much time and effort into writing. I never expected that Austin Macauley Publishers would agree to publish it. In fact, when they responded to my manuscript, it took over a week for me to muster the courage to open their email. When I did, I had to repeatedly check to ensure I hadn’t misread their acceptance.

This book is the culmination of countless lunch hours at work, travel time to and from work, weekends, and scribbles on yellow stickers, which I later deciphered. I felt I owed it to Chase, Willow, Tiggy, and Barney to take a chance with this book. Even if it ends up in Poundland, or starts there at ten for a pound, I believe it’s better than not trying at all.

Jan Doyle
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Chase, Willow, Tiggy and Barney

Chase, Willow, Tiggy, and Barney is a heartwarming true story that is sure to resonate with cat lovers everywhere. This book takes you on a journey through the lives of four unique cats who brought an array of changes, challenges, and joys to our lives.The story begins with Tiggy, a confident cat w...

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