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Dr. Strobe Driver

Dr. Strobe Driver writes both journalism-style and peer-reviewed articles since completing a doctorate in war studies in 2010 and has a decade-plus history as a university lecturer and tutor specialising in history, war studies and the social sciences. His writing centres on war, conflict, terrorism international relations, counter-factual analysis and in more recent times Asia-Pacific security—with a particular focus on China-Taiwan relations and the historic, current and emerging tensions therein. This book is an extension to his PhD and of his (2018) independent analysis of the deepening China-Taiwan crisis. His previous thorough analysis was entitled Asia-Pacific and Cross Strait Machinations: Challenges for Taiwan in the Nascent Phase of Pax-Sino. He continues to write on the aforementioned subjects as an independent and freelance analyst.

Dr. Strobe Driver
Author's Books
The Brink of 2036: Why There Must Be a War in the Asia-Pacific

War and conflict never occur ‘in a vacuum,’ as there are always signallers and events that indicate and then dictate the onset of an upheaval. This has been true of relatively minor conflicts such as the Japan – Russo War of (1904 – 1905), the Vietnam War (1963 – 1975), the Afghanistan War...

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