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J M Duckworth

It has taken me many years to realise that the present is all we have, that life is a gift and it’s up to us to live the best life possible. We have choices even though those choices may be difficult, but we still have them, and we have free will, this is the willingness within us to determine who or what we want to be.

My life has been a series of experiences which have formed who I am today. I have lived a colourful life, although those colours aren’t always vibrant, they have taught me how to feel gratitude even in my darkest hours, as the light is always there, despite it being a pin prick in the distance. My philosophy of life is, do something which scares you every day, face your fears as it gives you the strength and optimism to live life.

J M Duckworth
Author's Books
Molly Mee The Remembrance

Molly discovers her inner deity—not a Goddess, but a God. As her family strives to keep her from recalling her true self, they inadvertently provide her with the ultimate chance to revisit her former existences. This journey is not confined to the memories of her current lifetime but stretches bac...

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