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Elyatha Eli

Elyatha Eli fell in love with writing at the age of 13. While other children feared vampires and mythical creatures, she spent her free time creating her own fictional characters, believing that magical stories ran through her veins. During her sleep, she sees supernatural events, wanders enchanted worlds and wakes up to share those experiences with you by turning her fantasy into books. Elyatha believes that every tale has a purpose of inspiring someone, and since all of her books are based on her dreams, if a book falls into a stranger’s hands, it was meant to be.  

Elyatha Eli
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Stripped of memories and haunted by the deadly power hidden in her veins, Kira awakens as a prisoner of a mysterious organisation calling themselves COF. Unaware of her own identity or the true nature of her captors, she must endure brutal experiments designed to test the limits of her terrifying gi...

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