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Elise Sarkis-Talj

After three decades in the corporate field, Elise just decided to shift her hotelier career to follow her heart. Having had a long experience with the power of the words then learning that physical and emotional healings could come out of the alignment of one’s mind and actions, she decided to use her story-telling skills with her ability to dissuade listeners to write life lessons’ stories and so contribute in her way, to the wellbeing of the human race.

Author's Books
Draw Me a Fish

The world was falling into a downward spiral and there seemed to be no stopping to it. The news was bad on TV and the radio all the time. People from the city were getting sicker and sicker with illnesses that didn’t have a name yet.Needless to say that the village’s infrastructure could not bea...

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Lila's Tree and Other Stories

What if you knew what was to happen in your life and so you got a chance at amending by doing things differently?It would save a lot of guilt and tears. And if these changes were easy things, new habits could transform your future and that of those you love into a brighter one.What if your experienc...

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