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Kat Ellis

Our author grew up in an area of Scotland renowned as the gateway to the Highlights. Her mother loved to read stories to her brother and herself, and they loved to listen. Kat found it was all too easy to lose herself in a fantasy world. Her love of hamsters came along many years later, and in a faraway land. After a particularly stressful journey one day in Mexico, it was a little ball of fur with two beady, black eyes that restored calm to a troubled mind.

Kat Ellis
Author's Books
Mia Thinks She Can Sing

If animals could talk to us, I wonder what they would say. Would they tell us their plans and ideas? Maybe they would tell us what they want to be when they grow up. What could a little, furry hamster want to be?One day Mia had a wonderful idea. She knew she was good at squeaking, and if she practis...

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