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Eric Hyde

Eric Hyde resides by the sea, alone more often than not. His story-telling career
began during lockdown to keep his mind alive. He found common themes
appearing in the stories and decided he had found his purpose in the macabre
texts he created. Taking inspiration from the likes of H P Lovecraft, Stephen
King and Hunter S Thompson, noting their approach to replicate the 20th century
in the 21st – copying Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, word for word, to “feel
what it’s like to write a masterpiece” as a basis for how it should feel to create
his own work.

Eric Hyde
Author's Books
The Walls Have Teeth

Welcome to Eric Hyde’s twisted domain, a place where people strive for a semblance of ordinary life amidst the encroaching darkness. Within these pages, a disgraced Detective, a survivor seeking refuge, and a sadistic killer converge. An elusive cult with unclear motives leaves a wake of emptiness...

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