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Victoria Farkansi

Victoria Farkansi always wanted to create a world for someone to disappear into. The words in her mind never slowed. Originally from Poland, she sees the world a little different. The North of England homed her for most of her life, but now she’s trying to find her own way, hoping that her writing will inspire some. Starting off on Wattpad, her story reached over 280K reads, gaining countless comments from her loyal readers begging for a second part to her story. Victoria is best known for the small freckle on her nose and her terrible driving. She loves writing in her bedroom, prosecco and Polish gangsters.

Victoria Farkansi
Author's Books
Yellow Tape

Everything about her was normal, everything about him wasn’t.How can you prepare yourself to have your life suddenly flipped upside down? How can you know what will happen? Your next move might be your last, your next breath might be taken away from you. There’s a whole different world out there...

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