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Margaret Ffrench

Margaret was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the “silent killer”, in October 2016; she was told to prepare for death.

She set about using her passion for words to write her poetry over the remaining two years of her life. She died in October 2018.

Margaret used her passion to compose, and together with her desire to articulate her feelings, has left a body of work which is meant to move the reader and to give hope.

Each poem sets out the anguish of suffering but lifts the reader because of the love set out in her compositions, and they portray Margaret’s tenacity, gratitude for the love given to her, her intelligence and the belief Margaret had that she would be released from pain as she ascended into eternal peace.

Margaret said to me, “I am writing something for you; read it when I am gone”, when I did read her work, my heart ached with pain, my tears fell, and I screamed in anguish.

Margaret Ffrench
Author's Books
Notes from the Heart, Whispers of the Soul

Notes from the Heart by Margaret Ffrench covers the work Margaret composed during the final two years of her life, she died when she was 64, two years after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.Each poem is written with a passion which is intended to raise the emotions of the reader.The work in each ...

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