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Fil Bufalo

Fil Bufalo has been writing for a lifetime—on the sand, on slate and in shorthand. An animated storyteller and accomplished raconteur, she has gathered all her thoughts, philosophies and musings on life into a bonfire of words and taken the plunge with a match.

Author's Books
A Suitcase Full of Boomerangs

A Suitcase Full of Boomerangs is essentially a romp around the Republic of Ireland. Tiny boomerangs are bequeathed to colourful characters encountered throughout the three-week round trip.Narrated in the first person, the protagonist and two of her sisters manage to have a ball as they traverse the...

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A Suitcase Full of Koalas

A Suitcase Full of Koalas is a modern, edgy travel book set to test your wits and memory for detail. Gallivanting around London and somewhere distinctly south of the great capital in a sleepy seaside village, the author finds herself handing out tiny furry koalas to the English, to the Polish, to t...

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A Suitcase Full of Olive Branches

Would it really be out of the question for the coach to make a slight diversion? We heard that this tour was headed for the Northern Lights. That’s why we took it, but now we can’t seem to find those Northern Lights anywhere on the itinerary. Any idea why that would be the case? Now you are curi...

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A Suitcase Full of Opals

If you are ever lucky enough to receive an invitation to a wedding in Poland, make sure you RSVP… ASAP. It happened to me. I was invited and travelled to Poland along with 50 other Aussie guests. I knew nothing about Poland. Nothing save the fact that every Polish name seemed to end in ski, ska, o...

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Two Suitcases full of Kangaroos

Passport? Check!Suitcases? Check!Kangaroos? Check!And we’re off! If you enjoy travel, having a laugh, are a keen conversationalist and even keener historian and lover of brilliant architecture, then these trips are for you!Take care to cosy on down in your seat, and choose your fellow seat-mate di...

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