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Francesca Callaghan

‘Lady of the Lessons,’ Francesca Callaghan is the multiple award winner of the “Best Teacher of the Year” mug. She masquerades as an entertainer, counsellor, Zoom technician, storyteller, and hopefully imparter of knowledge. Francesca has a keen interest in all forms of communication from paper cups on strings to plurilingualism. The idea for this book concept came whilst trying to promote a love of language and story reading in young children by creating an easy to follow ‘One, Two, Trois, Voila’ method as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Francesca Callaghan
Author's Books
That Is Not My Egg!

One day, Baby Monkey was playing in the jungle when – all of a sudden! – something came rolling down the path!It was round, and smooth, and hard, and nearly as big as Baby Monkey!But where did it come from? Who was its family? Baby Monkey had lots of questions!Join Baby Monkey on a ‘petite ave...

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