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Frank Aulton

Frank worked in the mining industry for many years until early retirement allowed him to think about what the future held for him and his wife. They decided after spending two weeks in Spain that it would be nice to live in the sunshine so they planned another holiday to Spain and started to look at properties for sale. They eventually found a place they liked and bought a newly built villa on an urbanization two miles from the sea on the Costa Blanca. It was more like a bungalow on an elevated site overlooking fields of grapes and views of the mountains. They spent twenty happy years there flitting back and forth to England. They had a good life and enjoyed the sunshine. Frank had written a children's book many years ago, but it hadn't amounted to anything. He tried one publisher who wasn't interested so he put it into the back of his wardrobe and forgot about it for many years. He started to write poems instead and has written thirty-one so far, but has not bothered to get them published. Frank's passion for writing started when he was at mining college. His English teacher said she could see him writing a book one day but he never thought he would until Frank and his wife moved to Spain and then his passion for writing fired up again. Frank believes the relaxed atmosphere helped and of course the sunshine. So far he has written five books, three of which have been published. The Adventures of Po-Po, Man of the Mountains, Captain Jack Master of Boughey Hall and his latest novel Beneath Pastures Green.

Author's Books
Beneath Pastures Green

The Staffordshire coalfield area covers many coal mines. This story is about one area in particular. Coal mining is a dangerous occupation and many lives have been lost in producing coal. Men who work below ground form a close comradeship and are there to help each other, but still, there are accid...

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Captain Jack

In an effort to clean up the streets of Britain, the government brought in drastic measures to get rid of the prostitutes, drug peddlers, child abusers and other riff-raff such as paedophiles and rent boys. It was a secret operation to eliminate the courts but to organise a secret panel of judges an...

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Master of Boughey Hall

In the pastoral heart of England, loyalty to the King was rewarded with vast expanses of land. These new aristocrats, seizing the opportunity, leased plots to eager farmers and budding entrepreneurs. But the real wealth lay beneath the soil. Holding exclusive mineral rights, these landowners tapped ...

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