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G A Boos

G.A. Boos is a remarkable teenage talent from Trinidad, who has enjoyed writing from a very young age. Currently, she is at school in the United Kingdom. With an unwavering passion for politics and history – both classical and modern – she effortlessly weaves captivating narratives. She enjoys music and can often be found drawing portraits in her notebook or concocting intriguing tales. This is her first book, hinting at a future filled with literary masterpieces yet to come.

G A Boos
Author's Books
Two Mirrors: Burning Flowers

Navigating grief is a complex maze with no universal exit. Yet, for Selene Brandt, her escape route is as unusual as it gets: falling through a mystical mirror into a realm of fantasy, effectively sidelining her real-life sorrows. Initially, the enchanting diversion offers solace. But peace is short...

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