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G. V. Loewen

Canadian social philosopher G.V. Loewen is the author of over 20 books in diverse areas such as ethics, religion, art, education and politics. He was a professor for a quarter of a century in Canada and the USA. This is his first short-story collection.

Author's Books
Forgetting the Dreamtime

Sixteen-year-old Kristen has had quite enough of following her evangelical parents’ copious rules. But although up to her neck in both disobedience and discipline, she, nevertheless, suddenly finds herself at the heart of a mystery more profound than anything her willful imagination could have con...

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Shooting at Morals

A man dies, yet lives on to tell about it; another man travels to Vegas seeking the base but instead finds the noble; a young woman too eager to please gets in over her head; a young man mistakes cowardice for revolution; and a teenager decides to take justice into her own hands. All these and other...

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