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Gabriel Pasantes

Gabriel Pasantes is 27 years old and resides in Clermont, He has always enjoyed animation and fantasy readings, and has always had a dream of becoming an author. He was born with 22q11, which is a disorder caused by a defect in chromosome 22. This syndrome can affect and cause heart defects and a defective immune system. He has had two heart defects and a defective immune system. He has had two heart surgeries and one stomach surgery. He also has ITP. What inspired him to write this book was the notion that this book could help many children with disabilities. He feels it could give them a chance to let their imagination run free, at the same time he wants to encourage children never to give up on a dream. A disability does not dictate who you could become, as long as you have the will you are able to reach for the stars.

Gabriel Pasantes
Author's Books
Adventures of the Magical Leaf

When I wrote this book it was my intention to give some hope and encouragement. These past couple of years have been trying and very difficult to many people, and we need to be able to continue and never lose hope despite the adversities.This book is about a leaf spreading happiness in dark places. ...

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