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Gary Andy

The author is an Aussie who started his life just north of Brisbane, Australia, living beside Lake Cootharaba. His literary life received a bad start as in his senior year of school, he was bottom of about thirty students in the English Class. It was then that all students were required to submit a script for a play to be produced for the local concert. It was his script which was selected and it became the highlight of the concert that ran for two nights. It was a comedy spoof on 'Cinderella'. After that literary success, the next term, he was lifted to the dizzying heights of second bottom and so decided that his future in life lay elsewhere. He lived his life as many do. He joined the Army and received a trade in electronics. As he liked using his hands, he later started a cabinet-making business, building kitchens, and married and raised a family. When he had done that for what seemed forever, he became sick of seeing big boxes and little boxes with doors, and he thought that he would like to write stories, and that is what he now does. His ideal dream is to take his trusty old laptop and sit on his boat and write novels that other people may well enjoy. He likes to read and listens to historical accounts and is always amazed at how many versions of history there are, and how many are so unbelievable that they can easily be seen through by anyone who has an IQ greater than a fencepost, and yet these tales have been accepted by the masses. He writes quite a few differing genres but finds historical adventure a favourite, and what is life and adventure without the pursuit of love ­- that is why he incorporates that necessary and real part of life into all his novels. He hopes that you enjoy this novel as much as he has enjoyed writing it for you.

Gary Andy
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