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Gemma Farley

Gemma Farley was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. Throughout her studies and career she had a passion for other worlds and characters and longed to see her imaginings translate into word. The Stolen God is the first of Gemma's novels with many more stories to come.

Author's Books
The Stolen God – Dawning

The people of Aruna are unified in their desire to build their world together in peace. Kristy leads the People’s Council through this new age whilst navigating a world where the gods are revered once more.As Bart’s decision to stay on Aruna after the civil war sets in, he is compelled to deal w...

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The Stolen God - Powers Truth

Aruna, the world of mortals, is recovering from the aftermath of a civil war. What the people had not expected from the civil war was to discover that gods still existed and that it would be a single god who would save them.Kristy, a powerful telepath, works hard to lead the people forward in this n...

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The Stolen God

Aruna and Paruna are mythical places, peopled by the Powered class and the Technician class. High above, the gods are watching.Gemma Farley tells an intriguing tale of mortals and gods. In the skies above, treachery in the royal family leads to the theft of a royal twin. In Aruna, Kristy and Marcie ...

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