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Georges Perez

Born in 1960, Georges Perez now enjoys a peaceful retirement, far from the unusual existence he lived and from which he draws his stories. As a former French Marine Commando, he left the mother land and went abroad into exile for decades. There, he got lost in the twists and turns of delinquency before clandestinely joining the international scene, sometimes under fire on the frontline, sometimes at the service of a government, from Sarajevo to Tirana or from Beirut to Kabul, to finally return to France and devote himself to writing in order to reveal everything to you.

Georges Perez
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In Frenchy, the author takes us on a journey through a life that defies convention. From drug dealing in the Netherlands to mercenary work in the Balkans, nothing was off-limits in the pursuit of money in a world where love and hate are delicately balanced on the currency of life. But what motivates...

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