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Mike Gilbert

Born in London and having lived in the eastern England since the 1970s, Mike has had an interest in storytelling and politics going back to his childhood. In the 1980’s he studied politics philosophy and economics. This led to a lifetimes interest in how the dynamics of power work, within economic frameworks and how the outcomes affect ordinary people. Mike believes that children have an innate sense of social justice and are very capable of understanding the conflicting economic, social, and political demands that affect ordinary people. In 1988 Mike trained to be a Probation Officer. This story is a combination of Mike’s love of politics and economics and his wish to encourage children to discussion what is ‘just’ and what might be ‘unjust’.

Mike Gilbert
Author's Books
Politics, Philosophy and Economics for Tots and Toddlers, with Ermintrude, a Cow

Ermintrude was once a happy cow. Looked after by the children she shared her milk, so all the children were happy too.Then along came a series of grown-ups who thought they could look after Ermintrude better than the children.But really, they just wanted Ermintrude’s milk for themselves.This story...

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