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The author was born in Jamaica and is of German nationality. At a very tender age, she was often mesmerised by literature: particularly those great, inventive, passionate poets, past and present, who have mastered the art of personification.
The love of the countryside provided her with immense, visionary liberty; the freedom to explore and expand was not foreign to her. The wisdom of the classical music masters and philosophers gave her an excuse to waltz away to her individuality. She also believes in the true, rebellious, wild recklessness of love and nature.
She came to live in Germany and England in the 1980s, acquiring a Diploma in Business Studies. Whilst living in Germany, she worked in the theatre in a production of Kabale und Liebe by Friedrich Schiller. She has also indulged herself in the world of fashion over many years.
She has travelled extensively. Her love for the south of Europe led her to live in the Principality of Monaco. Since her return to England, she has worked in education.

Author's Books
String of Pearls

This engagement of poems leads to the marriage to voices and thoughts, with vows in self-expressions.Each one is written to capture, bind, intoxicate each individual to a world solely tailored to them.It entreats you to feel without fear, to be transfixed by all life’s array of encounters. To resi...

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