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Graham Dix

Graham Dix is in his sixties, which probably seems very old to you children, but here’s the thing, he may have got older, but Graham has never grown up. He is still a child inside. He loves children’s books just as much now as when he was four, listening to his mother read Winnie the Pooh to him at bedtime. For a while, Graham read stories to children, in local libraries. One day he thought ‘I love them so much, why don’t I write one?’ And here it is, for all you children out there, grown-up ones included.

Author's Books
Dan, The Lollipop Man

Meet Dan, the Lollipop Man. He gets up at 6.00 o’clock every morning! What does he do that means he must wake up so early? Very important work, of course. School children and their Mums and Dads depend on him. They even put their lives in his hands! Every day, in all weathers, Dan helps the child...

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Our Future Selves

Imagine waking up inside someone else’s body, and in a different century. What would you do? How would the new world around you react to you? This is what happens all the time to Zak Emblin, an editor from 21st century Birmingham, UK, and Sarah Templeman, a prison service doctor from twenty second...

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