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Greg McEnnally

Greg McEnnally has been teaching English in China for ten years. Prior to that he taught English in Indonesia for a year. In Australia he was a high school Maths and Science teacher and he also taught this in Papua New Guinea for three years. This background has given him some appreciation for other cultures. He loves to travel and while in China has availed himself of every opportunity to do so. This book is the result.

Author's Books
A Traveller in China

For Greg McEnnally a traveller should be a pilgrim and not just a tourist, and the journey itself is just as important as the destination. With this appreciation of life the writer takes us into China - a place many of us may never visit - and provides us with a developing picture of this strident a...

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Journey to Beijing

This book gives an account of some amazing places which the author was fortunate to visit in China--from magical Guilin to historical Zunyi; from the stunning Three Gorges to tropical Hainan; from cities of the eastern provinces to the Avatar mountains of Zhangjiajie; from relaxing Xishuangbanna to ...

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Teaching In Chongqing

Today, China is so important. We need to understand why this empire (it is not a country) acts as it does. What are its intentions? This book is not a political analysis, but simply a record of one westerner’s experiences teaching English in Chongqing. Nevertheless, being part of the daily life of...

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Teaching in Fuzhou, China

English is the world’s international language. Consequently, many speakers of other languages have taken great pains to make English their second language, mainly for practical reasons rather than for love of the language itself. Practical reasons include travel, business, academic intercourse and...

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Teaching in Tongren, China

Since the accession of Xi Jinping as the supreme Chinese leader, the empire has been becoming increasingly aggressive, to the point of bullying. Its so-called “Belt and Road Initiative” seems designed to lure poorer nations into a debt trap, forcing them into subservience to Chinese demands. Its...

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A Traveller in Fujian Province, China

It is said that travel broadens the mind. This is true, but it does not happen automatically. One must make the effort to observe and appreciate. One must allow oneself to be affected and changed. During his four and a half years living in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China, Greg McEnnally endeavoured t...

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China - Behind The Mask

China Behind the Mask is not only an interesting, informative and enjoyable read but gives a thorough description of life in present-day China from the point of view of the author, an Australian English teacher, who lived in China for more than ten years. Not only does he provide a unique flavour of...

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