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Gustav Jacobsen

Born and raised in Denmark, Gustav Jacobsen started writing at an early age, eager to create new worlds wherein stories emerged and characters lived. However, one thing was different, as these vivid worlds were not vivid in the same sense to him. Having aphantasia—the inability to conjure images in your head (referred to as “mind-blindness”)—meant that the words creating imagery for readers was an experience he could not know for himself. This became a source of motivation as the notion that his writing could create imagery and ‘mental movies’ for a reader, which only enticed him further. With this, he endeavoured to create stories that would give the reader as much imagery and world-building.

Gustav Jacobsen
Author's Books
At Night, the Lanterns Cry

As the relentless war draws to a close, Oulyia’s fate hangs in the balance. With one final chance to repel the Covenant and save their land from the invading hordes, Oulyia rallies its last remaining army. But what if they fail? The weight of uncertainty looms heavy as their ultimate destiny teete...

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