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H. G. Orwells

The author, known as Orwells (Marcus Wells), a medical doctor, served as a clinical associate at the prestigious National Institutes of Health (NIH). It was here that he was introduced to some of the most leading edge biomedical scientists in modern medical science. In the ‘castle of miracles’, he was privileged to some of the most cutting edge biotechnologies, designed for future medical uses. Coincidentally, it was during the same time that the institute was working on the renowned Human Genome Project, which has since been completed.

Though extremely excited by his experiences there, Dr. Wells later became as equally concerned by the possibilities of ‘fast-tracking’, non-fully developed biotechnologies and what ethical dilemmas that might pose or threaten a society if not fully understood what their capabilities were.

Even with the wonderful discoveries in the biomedical tech fields, these same wonders, by just a few with their own agenda, could run amuck and could quite possibly present their own agenda of social and biological engineering.

Biotech products are provided to the consumer daily in numerous types of markets. These same markets often have awesome influences, not only on the scientific community, but in guiding the progress of future research, impacting global markets and even shifting the world economies.

But what if one day an ‘insider group’, much like the ‘SIGI’, spoken of in the ‘The Metas’, sought to infiltrate an ‘outdated, over-burdened, vulnerable, bureaucratic biotech system’? By altering standards, they might seek to ‘franchise’ their agenda by making it easy to hatch their unsuspecting plan on an unsuspecting public? The ‘insiders’ would now be in a position to not only control the markets of biomeds, but be at a position to potentially change the biology of all humans on the planet without their knowing it. By the time the public would become aware of it, a new ‘race’ of humankind would have emerged by taking unsuspected products that manipulate their genetics!

This new ‘Designer Race’ would possibly possess new strands on their DNA, new cellular metabolism, or molecular structures altogether. Nano-technology add-ons with supra-microchips also could be changed out at any time to suit the ‘insider’ market agenda.

In developing the theme for ‘The Metas’, Dr. Wells asked if a similar situation like this was ever possible not only in a future scenario, but in today’s world, where biotechnologies such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), cloning, genetically modified foods and ‘nano-technology’ are routinely used. Could an ‘alternative’ human project co-exist simultaneously alongside a ‘regular’ biotech policy with regular productivity? One that could insidiously manipulate human DNA without our knowledge? Could neurotransmitters become programmed through biomeds to manipulate neural processes? In another world that eerily looks like our own, could this method the secret elite ‘SIGI’ use to literally ‘design’ a new and better humanity?

In his book, we see how easily in any era an unchecked system could hold a whole community hostage to its agenda. How humanity relates to everything on the planet with technology, but the lesson we may still have to learn is how vital its impact is on our very own survivability!

Dr. Wells has created a truly gripping science-fiction drama that makes us capable of stepping back and ask ‘what if’. Besides, being a published author, Dr. Wells has also served in the U.S. Health and Human Services, where he received his certificate from the President of the United States for his active duty status as a commissioned officer in the Public Health Service. Dr. Wells, who has a Master’s degree in Public Health, is also noted for his prior experiences as a researcher, academician, and clinician.

H. G.  Orwells
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