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Hamied Al Hashimi

Hamied Mahwies Al-Hashimi is Iraqi-born and British naturalised, a Professor of Sociology at ICIS (International Colleges of Islamic Sciences), London and visiting professor at Al Qadisiya University in Iraq. Before this, Professor Hashimi worked as a fieldwork social researcher at (NatCen: Social Research), London, assistant professor of sociology at the University of Europe, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2001–2007) and as a staff member of the Department of Sociology, College of Arts in Zouwara-Libya (1994–1998).

He is the author of seven published books; Armenians of Iraq: History, Culture, Identity; Gypsies in Iraq; Arab Immigrants in the Netherlands; Towards Forming a Theoretical Framework on Social Integration; and Iraqi sociologist Ali Al Wardi’s Methodology in Studying Iraqi and Arab Societies.

Interesting research areas: immigration, social integration, identity and sub-identities, sub-cultures, Arab World and Middle East social and cultural issues.

Hamied Al Hashimi
Author's Books
Armenians of Iraq

Armenians are one of the ethnic components of the Iraqi social spectrum. Nothing was known about Armenians of Iraq except as Christians or as migrants from Armenia originally. It is well known that the Armenians of Iraq are generally keen to preserve their Armenian ethnic and cultural entity and are...

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