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Hendrick Walt

The author is like most others, a dreamer. However, he likes to push the envelope and wants his readers to truly think and struggle with morality and ethics; he is convinced that regardless of society, morality and ethics can become very fluid in certain circumstance. The author is very accomplished in many fields of study, especially theology and as a naturalist who has discovered two species unknown to science. Yet, it is his imagination and philosophy that drives him, he was taught from an early age that a day in which something new is not discovered, however trivial, amounts to a day wasted and that everything should be viewed as important. Hendrick is on a constant road of discovery, and studies anything and everything, this becomes part of this library of information. His attitude is one of no information is wasted information, and one will come to a point in life where it can and should be used. Discovery is that one single aspect that he installs into the lives of his children.

Author's Books
It Is What It Is

It Is What It Is… this indeed describes the circumstances, views and lives of the characters of this novel, but also their constant struggle with what is right and what is wrong, or moreover, what is to be found moral and immoral, what is to be found ethical and unethical. It is impossible not to ...

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