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Michael Hutchison

It first became apparent at around 8 years of age that the drawing and story I bought home from school depicting a very well endowed bull, if nothing else showed a burgeoning interest in agriculture. I have retained that agricultural interest all my life and I have spent decades working for farmers and pushing a shearing handpiece. Back to the supremely endowed bull. As I recall both the bull and the story scored well at school and caused quite some surprise at home. Since leaving home, I have worked as a storekeeper, a psychiatric nurse and in rural endeavours. During these activities drawing and painting came to the fore. It is only in the last decade that the writing of poetry and stories has pushed its way to the surface. The quality of all the above I leave for others to judge. I know I get great satisfaction and pleasure when entering into any of these activities.

The Mungonana CWA resulted from an imagination given free rein which was then guided back, sometimes unwillingly, into reality every so often.

Michael Hutchison
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The Mungonana CWA

The book’s audience will be anyone that appreciates a swiftly moving novella containing Aussie humour and the nuances therein.Wacky characters abound in this fictional 1920s village, Mungonana and its surrounding districts.It will appeal to readers who can identify with the characters’ less outr...

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