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J. R. Hutt

Born in 1948 in the Midlands, following a grammar school education, J. R. Hutt followed her passion for horses. Working and travelling as a groom throughout Europe and Canada, culminating in running her own business in the Cotswolds, she moved to Spain and married in 1983 where she continued riding and competing, taught English and had two children. She also lived in Iraq and Turkey, but is currently living in England, with frequent visits to Spain and Canada, to see her family. She came to England to care for her mother, which gave her the opportunity to resume writing and painting, both of which she had enjoyed in her youth.

Author's Books

While living in Turkey, I was struck by the large number of dogs roaming the streets, each tagged to indicate vaccinations provided by local authorities. These resilient animals relied on the compassion of locals for food and water, revealing a society polarized between love and disdain for these cr...

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Equine Fever

Many children go through a horse mad phase but for some it becomes a lifelong obsession. Although this often meets with parental and educational opposition it is amazing how enriching the horse world can be. First and foremost it “knocks the spots off you,” and if you survive you have to grow up...

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State of Mind

We all have challenges to face in life, some greater than others. Most of us born in the developed world are extremely fortunate – something we need to remind ourselves of from time to time. It becomes apparent that it is more the state of mind than the actual circumstances which affect our abilit...

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