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Ib Svane

Ib Svane was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has an academic education from University of Copenhagen and Göteborg, Sweden, graduating with PhDs in zoology and marine biology. In 1998, he migrated to Australia to work at Flinders University and SARDI Aquatic Sciences in Port Lincoln. During his scientific career, he has published extensively in international scientific journals, popular magazines and elsewhere. As a yachtsman, he has sailed in many parts of the world.


Author's Books
The Folks from Fowlers Bay

History is not always the exact truth but a narrative flavoured by the writer’s passion and background and the time when she or he lived. It is particularly true for southern Australia's history because it was put on paper by the colonialists. It is as if the history of Australia started then,...

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The Pearl of Saint-Sulpice

In the Church of Saint-Sulpice, Paris, there is a holy water font. It was made of a shell of the giant clam, Tridacna gigas. I often wondered where it came from because these clams are only found far away from Europe. I found it intriguing that the shell already arrived in France in the early sixte...

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