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Maya Ichim

Maya Ichim is a 15 years old girl from the lovely seaside town of Exmouth, England, where nothing ever happens.

In addition to being an aspiring author, Maya is a national-level tennis player who routinely trains hard to succeed in her sport. During a tennis related injury, in 2022, Maya reverted to recreational writing as an outlet for her creativity, and this is how “Consequently Fatal” was born.

It is the story of Leah Benson, a former war correspondent who has had to flee Kabul after discovering a secret about one of her corrupted superiors. Her life is now endangered; she has been put in Witness Protection and faked her death, allowing her to live off the grid and keep her identity obscure, ergo, allowing her to live her life out in supposed peace. Her twin brother, Leo is getting engaged to Kate Reid, a former war correspondent who worked alongside Leah, and things get complicated. Kate is vengeful and grief-stricken after the death of her ex-boyfriend, who worked alongside both Leah and Kate in Afghanistan, and was killed after he threw himself in front of a stray bullet aimed at Leah. Once Leah finds out about the pair’s history and the truth is revealed, will Kate finally achieve what she set out to do and get revenge on Leah and make sure justice is served once and for all, or will her love for Leo stop her from doing so?

Maya Ichim
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Consequently Fatal

Your past actions have consequences that can affect your future. We always remember the mistakes we made that caused unnecessary difficulties to our lives and future. Most mistakes don’t have grave consequences, and we forget about them soon enough. But it’s the mistakes we forget, the ones that...

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