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Caleb Favour Idialu

Caleb was born prematurely in 2008 at Ancona Hospital in Italy. He spent only twenty-seven weeks in his mother’s womb before complications necessitated an urgent delivery by medical doctors. Weighing just 810 grams, Caleb was kept in a neonatal incubator for several more weeks to complete the full cycle of birth. Since then, Caleb has been growing from strength to strength. In September 2013, Caleb and his family moved to the UK. At that time, Italian was the only language Caleb understood and communicated in. He started attending Northwood Primary School, where he was warmly welcomed and supported by the staff. With the help of his brilliant teachers, who played a crucial role in molding Caleb’s development, he gradually discovered his hidden talents in drawing and writing. It is truly said that teachers are the builders of nations, and Caleb’s experience is a testament to their profound impact on a child’s growth and success.

Caleb Favour Idialu
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War of the Khons

In a distant future, the world is under the tyrannical rule of the evil overlord Enzo and his army, along with the mad scientist Mezro. Three brave heroes – Mary, Paul, and Joe – rise up to challenge their oppressors. Armed with makeshift weapons, they embark on a perilous mission to infiltrate ...

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