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Imre Major

Imre Major, 46, father of two, is a Hungarian economist with a degree in law. During his professional career he has worked mostly in the telecommunications, plastic processing and IT industries. He is an experienced sailor in love with Lake Balaton, an average driver and a photographer, a weak chess player and a beginner in Japanese jodo. He is usually referred to as the person who possesses the most pieces of irrelevant information.

Most of the time, Imre goes his own way independently of the expectations or at times against them. He then tries to cope with the arising problems he causes himself and lives with the problems he causes others. Ten years ago, he started to understand and explore the way he thinks and as a result he now sees the problems the human race inflicts on itself and the reasons and patterns behind this behaviour.

This is his first book; kindly read it with an open mind. It is easy to understand; however, most probably it is much harder to accept the impacts we cause to ourselves, or the urgent necessity to change our own behaviour. In future books, he plans to further explore the definitions related to life and human nature he uses. Imre believes these definitions to be original and positively applicable.


Imre Major
Author's Books
Our Inherently Controversial Human Nature - and How We Should Hack It

Human induced climate change, overuse of natural resources, overwhelming amount of waste and pollution, gender inequality, elevated stress levels, flood of fake news. All these have a lot to do with our controversial human nature and how our race has formed, besides making our life more difficult an...

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