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J Stuart Collins

Jason’s aim is to enable as many people as possible to live the life they want to live and turn up in the world as the person they want to be. Within minutes of reading – Impact the air that you breathe, you will be able to apply its steps to improve your breathing and succeed.

Jason has a lifetime of experience of supporting individuals and groups from all walks of life to share the strategies to achieve the results they want to achieve and get everything they want to get out of every breath of their life. There is an online training course ‘Breathe to Succeed’ that accompanies the book. Not just information transformation.

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Impact the Air That You Breathe

Everything that lives on this planet of ours has one thing in common: It’s not wealth or lack of it; It’s not belief’s ability or happiness; It’s the air that we breathe. It’s owned by every single one of us and no one has a bigger share than anyone else. That is what makes it special, and...

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