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Jack Kavanagh

The sixth child in a family of eight, the author grew up surrounded by older and younger brothers and sisters. Learning from a young age that he could entertain the family with made-up stories on long car trips or just around the evening fire, it soon became a talent that the author used when minding his many future nieces and nephews. Using his imagination to overcome the usual child chaos that life sometimes brings, the author’s childhood stories were the source for family and friends’ encouragement over the years to write children’s books.

Then, whilst standing under a plum tree in his garden one afternoon, the author’s grandchildren asked him what the fruit were above them. When told they were plums, both laughed and informed the author that plums come from a supermarket. This inspired the author’s first book The Orchards Treasure and the adventures follow.

Author's Books
Yuck! Food is from where...?

On each of the adventures, our characters get caught up in situations sometimes exciting, sometimes dangerous, and sometimes comical. Along with a host of other interesting characters attached to their adventures, these stories are written to help introduce children to a new way of looking at someth...

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