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Jakob Smith

We are all wanderers on this earth

Our hearts are full of wonder and

Our Souls deep with dreams

–Romani Gypsy Saying

Jakob Smith was a wild and reckless youth whose passion in life was to travel to new countries. Wherever he went, he was interested in the local history, daily life and culture of the people. During the daylight hours, he enjoyed visiting museums, religious sites, zoos and national parks. At night, contrary to his daytime wanderings, he would enjoy drinking beer and mixing with the local people in neighbourhood bars or restaurants. He would attempt to talk with anyone despite sometimes language difficulties. Frequently these conversations took place in places of ill repute where hookers and petty criminals made up the numbers. They conned him relentlessly but their stories, true or otherwise were often amusing and worth the few drinks they cost. Now somewhat more mature, Jakob looks back on such times with fond memories. So many people met only once for just a few, sometimes drunken moments, but never forgotten. Despite the odd-black eye and a couple of nights spent in lock-up, was it worth it? Must say yes, as if he had his youth over, he would probably go down the same path. The few bad times fade into obscurity, and the many good times, prone to exaggeration, just seem to get better with age.

A travel story different from most; entertaining, informative at times, Jakob quite simply loves travelling to new places and meeting new people is his life.

Jakob Smith
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They Call Me Jake

In this captivating memoir, Jakob, a Welsh-born Australian, takes readers on a remarkable journey that begins with a troubled youth and a life-changing decision. After running into legal trouble as a teenager, his family sends him off to sea on Scandinavian ships, where Jakob finds himself working o...

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