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James Fagan

James Fagan is an English language teacher, stand-up comedian (his failures and family providing much of the material), avid reader and a big fan of the sess. He’s lived the sad existence of an unpublished author for 31 years, but like a reverse genie in a bottle, as you pick up and hold this piece of him, you have already granted one of his wishes. If James has two more wishes coming his way he would like them to be: a) to never again have to write a biography in the 3rd person (thanks publishers), b) to open up a Japanese-style naked bathing house in inner city Dublin.

James Fagan
Author's Books
Small Doses

Martin Penny, a disillusioned and awkward young man, looks back to a turning point in his life – when his old, boring, and enthusiasm-destroying English teacher was arrested for pimping and was replaced by a fresh new teacher, a man who managed to blow off the dead-dust of his predecessor and reki...

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