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Jayne Wilkinson

Jayne Wilkinson, an identical twin, from a council estate in Birmingham, born to a factory worker father and a housewife mother. Travel for her was the local park or a coach trip to the seaside, not driving around the world in a Land Rover.

As an identical twin, she came out of the womb, firstly, pissed at having to share an egg, and secondly with half a personality. Jayne is competitive and artistic, while Jenny is studious and always on time, but neither had confidence or self-belief. By the age of twenty-five, married, with two children, Jayne realized alcohol and debt were not what she wanted and found her feet.

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When ‘Will’ is More Than ‘Won’t’ - Your Journey Begins

I’ve always been a dreamer, wanting more from life than it was giving me, whilst still making the best of what it did.I never thought in my darkest moments, or wildest dreams, that one day I would, with my partner of ten years David, find myself in a Land Rover we called Lizzybus driving around th...

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