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Toni Jeavons

Toni Jeavons is a single parent of three grown children and a grandmother of four. Toni is a victim and survivor of domestic violence, as were her three children after 15 years of drowning in unhappiness. She decided that her life had to change and that nothing was going to stop her. She also realised that her husband wasn’t the only dysfunctional person in the relationship; so was she! Why did she allow herself to be abused, and how could she change her life?

How could she create a better life for herself and her children?

Positive People Win contains the knowledge and activities that Toni applied to herself during her personal journey of self-discovery. The information contained in her book empowered her to leave her abusive marriage, to literally change who she was, to move forward, to believe in her own inner power and to know that all things really are possible.

In a world that is suffering from more depression, anxiety, mental health and suicides than ever before, Toni has created an inspiring book of motivation that contains short yet very powerful learning lessons focusing on how people can change themselves and create a more fulfilling life. It is a book based on the principlekeep it simple, a book that caters to all people regardless of educational background or economic status.

Toni Jeavons
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Positive People Win

She was tired of people telling her what she should be doing because deep down she knew, she wanted to leave him and the abuse behind but she was scared, she had three young children to care for and was penniless and didn’t know where to go, she had very limited qualifications and work experience ...

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