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Jethro J. Burch

Jethro Burch first started writing in 2016, after back surgery gave him an opportunity to take time off work and for his passion of reading fantasy books to become a reality. This is when he started building the realm of Ningazia and making plots, characters and the ideas which would become a huge planned fourteen-book series.

Jethro is dyslexic and had a difficult time at school and in childhood but always loved reading. He enjoyed science fiction, fantasy and his imagination was always in action.

Dragon Spindle is the first installment into the world of fantasy, seen through the eyes of an imagination with no boundaries or limits. His writing is a passion now, and he plans on the series of book that will become a work which ultimately will never be completely finished. ‘The chapters may end but the story will never end,’ he said when first talking about his book series.

The plan is for fourteen books in this series but could spread further with spin-off books for individual characters and other ideas within this multiverse.

Jethro J. Burch
Author's Books
Dragon Legacy

Book two of The Ningazia Balance Series starts where book one finishes. Varian must fight to restore balance and grow his magical skills. He must right the wrongs and build allies, while confronting what he most fears. Action, intrigue and twists which will leave you guessing what will come next fil...

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Dragon Spindle

Balance of life is key to the realm of Ningazia and the struggle between the forces of good and evil have always been in check. But due to an ancient evil that now plagues the realm, a path is set to restore balance and bring the realm back from the brink of destruction. This is the battle of ancien...

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