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Jo Phelan

Jo has worked in FIFO life for over 10 years bringing up her twins, whilst keeping her marriage and a family together, Jo is still currently working on the mines with many of the Mining mates that are mentioned in the book. Jo is hoping to provide comfort for all families that are now facing this challenge in this diverse mining sector we are now in. This was just an idea she had for many years and craving to put her ideas to paper to tell her story and hopefully for others to find comfort in there’s.

I hope you enjoy this book, the first in the series of “My Mum and Dad are FIFO Parents” which is based on her families own true life situation which brought her children safety and security waiting at home while their Mum and Dad were working away in the mines.

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Hurry Home Dad!

Jesse and Blake, who are identical twins, are feeling anxious as Dad leaves for his job away in the mines. The twins always communicate together using their funny twin language, which only they understand. When they feel insecure or anxious, they hold hands to comfort each other.Dad decides to film ...

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