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JoAnn LaForte

“JoAnn LaForte, you come from the old school family ilk, where everyone goes through the motions, does what they are supposed to do and is respected for doing so. However, somehow, some way, you were able to say, “F*ck that!” and wound up having a deep, artistic side, with a kind of ‘darkness’ that I just cannot put my finger on, but it’s cool. Although you were able to break free from the ‘mould,’ at the same time, you succeeded in raising your children well. I also believe you did not compromise any principles in your quest to be your own self.

Honestly, I view you as a true, original feminist! While everyone else was screaming and marching, you simply chose instead to live your life the way you envisioned it, and although I know that can be particularly challenging, you freaking nailed it!

Even if you feel you did not get the results you wanted, you paved your own way, and I admire you for it.”

Erik Cody LaMarca

Ridgewood, New York

May 2019

First Editor: Darby Oehl

Brooklyn, New York

Assistant: Joshua A. Young

Sebring, Florida

Co-Author (John’s Voice): Damien Machetti

Panama City, FL

JoAnn LaForte
Author's Books
Love At First Sight - Part Two: The Other Side

A journey inside the deep-thinking, dark realms of a subconscious mind where the real and fantasy worlds are one.For those who didn’t meet Jeannette, the fictional character who came to life as she passionately narrated her long-term, emotionally-charged, almost virtual love affair in Love at Firs...

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