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Joanna Hill

Joanna has lived in the UK, the USA and France. In New York, she worked for the Institute of Fine Arts of NYU and became interested in archaeology. While in France, she bought a 14th-century house and brought it ‘back from the dead’. She has written several historical books and many articles. Now living in England, she gardens and writes.

Author's Books
Danger in the Delta

A huge archaeological site in the Egyptian delta is being excavated. The work disturbs a team of Russian scientists/thugs who were using this previously unused site for their own purposes.Archaeology students, Lucy Phipps and her cousin, Toby,  arrive to help her father, Professor Donald Phipps. Th...

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Ssssh, She's a Spy

When Jasper unexpectedly inherits an enchanting Elizabethan house from his late Uncle, he embarks on a journey filled with unforeseen challenges. As he settles into his newfound ownership, he discovers that the house harbours a unique mix of elderly residents whose lives are far more complex than me...

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The Egyptian Series: Green Treasure

Are there emeralds still to be found at Sikait in the Mountains of the Eastern, Red Desert of Egypt bordering the Red Sea? Donald Phipps, archaeologist, is fairly confident there must be some good stones left there although, since the time of Cleopatra two thousand years ago, nobody has really both...

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Under the Desert Sands

On honeymoon, an archaeologist couple, Toby and Lucy, meet an emergency on Lake Nasser. A man, Hassan, was being attacked by a crocodile. Can they rescue him? Will he survive? Leaving the lake for the Western Desert and its oases. They go to Kharga and have a wonderful party. A fantasia entertains ...

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