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John Castell

John Castell was born just before World War II, in 1937. He was brought up in the countryside, and developed a love of animals and enjoyed riding horses. He became committed to belief in God when about 12 years old and that has strengthened as the years go by. He attended a very good Grammar School and after that, the University of London. As a post-graduate he obtained a Ph.D in the Faculty of Medicine. He had an interesting career in medical microbiology. He was head of a large department of scientists and sat on some international committees.

John Castell
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Humans Evolved, People Were Made

If you believe in God but recoil from the way some people think that science has the answer to everything, and that the theory of Natural Selection can account for people without the need for God, you will find this book informative and inspiring. While reading it you will learn about the relationsh...

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