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Ed Johnson

Born a few years after the Second World War into a society that is unrecognisable today, Ed Johnson has seen and lived through the changes, which he, in part, gives as one of the reasons he decided to start writing.


His working career has been in electronics and technology; mending a computer in 1970 was a very different experience from working with them today.


He says he is lucky with his life experiences. In the 1950s, you were expected to be able to turn your hand to anything, which, again, he says, has contributed to his writing.

Ed Johnson
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Why Am I Here?

Delve into the shadowy world of crime with this revealing exploration of the criminal underworld. Beyond the notorious crime lords and the violent realm of drug trafficking, lies a complex network of theft, fraud, and borderline legal activities. Who are the masterminds behind these operations? How ...

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