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Karen Star

She's had her heart broken countless times… Yet every time she falls in love She still believes it's going to last forever She's so grateful for every painful step of her journey Appreciating that… Every broken heart has left cracks for more light to enter Every love story has written another chapter of her life Every scar is there to remind her of her beauty Every dark night has ended with a sunrise Every tear has reflected her infinite light Every heartache has taught her more about love She forgives easily She loves deeply She regrets nothing Her depth is infinite Her religion is love Her poetry is straight from the heart.

Karen Star
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And Then I Met You

Eventually, we find someone Or maybe they find us… Who has no desire to change us For they love us exactly as we are Who has no desire to control us For they know that love is freedom Who has no desire to belittle us For they yearn to see us grow Somebody who communicates Only through the vi...

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