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Adria Kennedy

Adria Kennedy is a 25-year-old travelling missionary who enjoys painting, drawing, writing poetry, music, and discussing important topics. She has been interested in various forms of art from a very young age. Adria has won several writing and visual arts awards throughout elementary school and high school, including winning the art award at her high school graduation.

Adria wrote Trapped Inside a Tragedy when she was 20 years old, and then endeavoured to illustrate and publish it.

To see more of the author’s work, find her on Instagram @_paint_and_poetry_

Adria Kennedy
Author's Books
Trapped Inside a Tragedy

A Victorian family becomes trapped by their image-obsessed lifestyle, adhering strictly to unhealthy societal expectations. Marjorie is the only one who recognizes the harm in the charade they perform for the rest of high society. Determined to free her relatives from this endless cycle of fallacy, ...

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