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Kenneth Flood & Jonathan Tavella

It is the powerful grip of fear—fear of losing control, fear of the unknown, fear of risk and loss—coupled with a lack of understanding and the allure of the familiar yet limiting inertia of habit that obstructs individuals from embracing transformation in the face of a reshaped world order. Although the evolution in selling commenced later than expected, its terrain has undergone profound and irreversible changes. The worldview that guided our journey thus far offers neither sustenance nor a path forward.


Ken possesses a wealth of experience, spanning various sales genres and processes. Yet, it is his perspective honed over decades in process consulting that furnishes the essential insights needed to confront the challenges posed by emancipated buyers. Hailing from Ireland, Ken has left his mark in Europe and the USA, specialising in Systems Thinking and Change Management. Currently residing near Stratford in Avon, he discovers joy in the arenas of Rugby and Tennis. Actively engaged in supporting local communities, Ken has celebrated 50 years of marriage with Liz and takes pride in being a grandparent to seven grandchildren.


Jonathans story begins in a coastal town in Tuscany, Italy, where he was born and raised. After pursuing a scientific education in the Netherlands, his career path led him to London. The years spent in commercial roles in the capital offered him a first-hand experience of the evolving landscape of B2B. Discovering Sales Enablement, he found a role where he could amalgamate his sales experience with structured thinking to assist organisations in building a competitive advantage. In this capacity, he naturally found himself designing processes aligned with the concepts Ken was formalising in his mind.


To quote Rick in Casablanca, “it was the start of a beautiful friendship” and this book “Embracing the Buying Revolution” was born.

Kenneth Flood & Jonathan Tavella
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Embracing the Buying Revolution

The Buying Revolution has changed forever the landscape of complex, high-value sales. Traditional approaches are no longer appropriate in this new commercial environment. Fresh perspectives and innovative strategies are essential for success. This book serves as the ultimate roadmap, guiding readers...

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