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Yvonne Knowles

From a young age, Yvonne Knowles has always viewed life as an adventure waiting to be unlocked. She turns an ordinary day out into a full day of fun and adventure. A stroll along the beach shore turns into a shell collecting for craft and a sunset photo shoot. Leaving before capturing a memorable sunset photo is out of the question for Yvonne. Sliding down the sand dunes, engaging in cartwheels, and building elaborate sand castles fill the day until sunset.

A country drive or road trip becomes an opportunity to stop and take a quick swim at the beach or a waterfall, exploring the surrounding areas. A simple BBQ with family and friends turns into a music festival with a game of Cricket, throwing the giant Frisbee or attempting to launch a kite. After the table is cleared, a game of cards or something similar commences when Yvonne has friends or family come to stay.

They need to get to bed early, as Yvonne will have a breakfast picnic basket ready for a trip up to the mountaintop to watch the sunrise over the ocean. But this is what makes spending time with YK so special. There is never a dull moment and many wonderful memories have been made. She is a free spirit. Fun, love and laughter as well as a genuine love for others, are some of the reasons family and friends love spending time with her.

Yvonne has lived in many states of Australia but is always drawn back to her hometown, where the mountains meet the sea.

Yvonne Knowles
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