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Kyile Jacquin Carter

When Kyile was a child growing up his role models were authors like Alfred Lawrence, Roald Dahl, Mark Twain. Kyile is studying for a Bachelor’s creative writing degree at Brunel University.
Living in UK, born and raised, Kyile has seen the open world, loves socialising, meeting people from different social integral society relationships.
Hiyaku’s words of inspiration are: Don’t give up and don’t frown upon reality because reality will never leave you behind, it’s unto you. It has nothing to do with being materialistic, being materialistic it’s more pessimistic than a bowl of Cheerios.
Kyile managed to publish his first contemporary fictional fantasy short novel which is 125 pages long. He could not have done this without the studies into his own self-awareness and the human psychology of thought process.
With the support of his publishing agency, Author House, Kyile wrote his first book, which he named The Tenrux Society, which he concedes as captivated talent. Kyile began his adventures morally from studying reading books and writing, while learning about his favourite subject, astronomy.
Unlike his father who is a musician, Kyile decided to progress his life in the role model of his own choice, becoming a writer.

Kyile Jacquin Carter
Author's Books
The Poem Poam Moem Moam Book

Step into the enchanting realm of poetic expression, where words dance and emotions sing. The Poem Poam Moem Moam Book invites you on an immersive journey through the diverse landscapes of linguistic artistry. From the timeless elegance of Shakespearean verse to the spontaneous rhythms of contempora...

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