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Laura Sevenus

From childhood, Laura was a keen swimmer and competed provincially in both swimming and synchronized swimming. This led her into the career of teaching and coaching from when she left school in 1964.

She is a mother of a son and two daughters and has been blessed with seven healthy and energetic grandchildren.

Laura has, without question, dedicated her life to facilitating swimming competency for the young and old. She derives pleasure form transferring her enjoyment of being in water to everyone around her. She believes that her purpose in life was clearly defined by coincidences and synchronicities which have continued to guide her in expanding her work. In the desire to gain clearer insight, Laura has done an immense amount of reading and research about infant development which she has found applicable to her work and has referred to in this book, particularly in Chapters 3, 5, 6 and 11.

She swims as often as possible, aiming to stay fit and healthy because she is passionate about what she does and hopes to continue in her profession for as long as she can.

“There is nothing more fulfilling,” she says, “than to witness children becoming empowered as they progress through levels of learning to achieve self-mastery. When achievement is realised, it is a true joy to behold how they express it by straightening spines, puffing chests out, beaming eyes and those coy little smiles that proudly declare – I can!”

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The Baby Spa

The Baby Spa has been described as a ground-breaking technique in child development.Parents’ hearts swell with pride and joy as they eagerly observe their baby’s first unfolding of awareness during independent water exploration. They experience a sense of overwhelming appreciation for their chil...

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